Details from CityCamp NC held on June 11-13, 2015:

Teams that formally submitted for the competition:

  • Berniesez – Point and click transparency. We have a huge set of NC criminal case files. We propose to build a user-friendly, easy-access platform to give the common man access to important statistics on cops, judges, district attorney’s, and defense lawyers all across NC. This is the start of accountability.
  • Citisoft – Payment/cashless credit platform for local/state/federal organization that connects citizens, government organizations, and private businesses to create a connection with these entities, services, and an alternative economy that drives desired behaviors and fosters economic development.
  • Data liberators – Have a place wher ean open discussion can happen between citizens, companies, and government about what data is available, what’s not that should be, and the steps taken to get it open.
  • Momentum app – Is the idea for a revolutionary app so simple in its structure, yet so powerful in its purpose. It allows people to give an opinion on social issues that are important to them. It aggregates every opinion in the community and enables them to see the real statistics on how others arounds them feel about the same issue.
  • Neighbors fight back against speeders – Speeding in neighborhoods. Safety issues. Hard to control, take action, have open conversation. Today’s traffic calming data is not open.
  • New cartographers – Making it easy to read NC historic landmarks through a geo-located web service.
  • Road closure message – Develop a specification for publishing road closure information and possibly other map changes, like new roads.
  • Voluntagious – Students are force-fed volunteer opportunities. Many high school students are even required to participate to meet graduation requirements. Our mission is to change the way students perceive the act of volunteering by making it easy for them to find opportunities, via an experience they find appealing, fun, and timeworthy. To best test if we can change the way students and recent grads view community outreach and involvement, we’ll start with Duke through their director of advocacy.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and attendees for making the 2015 CityCamp NC a successful event.