3 Challenges for CityCamp NC 2017 with data.world datasets

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In a previous post, CityCamp NC co-chair, Jason Hibbets, provided some early information on this year’s event, how to register, and more importantly, a preview to some of our open data challenges.  In that post, he mentioned some of the challenges that we’ve organized for the community to partner with our local governments.  Now I’d like to give you more information on those challenges and provide access to some of the data that we’ve curated for these challenges.


The challenges and supporting information

This year, we wanted to prime the pump with some ideas while continuing to encourage people to come forward with their own great ideas!  Since we had these challenges in advance, the NC Open Pass data committee has been working to provide some details to help teams get a jumpstart on their solutions.

For each of the challenges below, we have collected information that we thought would be helpful to teams:

  • Potential data sources or datasets
  • Jurisdictions around the NC that might have an interest in this app based on their published board goals
  • Contacts in each of those jurisdictions that can help teams get started and get connected.

In some cases, these contacts are the actual business owners, while in other cases, they are open data / civic tech contacts in those cities or counties.  A link is provided to a Google doc with this information to any interested teams.

The three challenges are:

  • Parks and Rec park finder – an app to find all the parks and greenways across the Triangle, including programs and amenities in all municipalities.
  • Not just a flu-shot finder – an app to where you can search for where to get flu shots and expanding the capabilities to include other health-related needs such as finding narcan and prescription drop-off locations.
  • Business development diversity accelerator – looking at ways to help minority and under-represented people turn their business ideas into actual businesses by providing resources to streamline the business-creation process.

Use data.world to link to datasets

New this year, we’ve had an opportunity to work with data.world, a start-up company dedicated to sharing data from around the globe. We’ve set up an organization on that platform to allow for participants to have better access to the data, tools to leverage that data, and to the data committee team for any questions that you might have. The data that we’ve curated comes from open data sites around NC and even more are available through the data.world platform.

Data.world – check out the platform at data.world and create an account for free.

Code for NC – check out our organization and interact with us on data.world.  From there you can see the existing challenges as well as the data that has been curated.  You can also use their social messaging to reach out to our data committee with questions about existing data sets or about data sets you’d like to see.  We will help find data and connect it to data.world whenever possible

If any of this is in your power zone or of interest to you, then your brain should be screaming: Challenge accepted! We’ll see you at the open data competition kickoff at CityCamp NC.

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