What’s your CityCamp NC 2017 (un)conference pitch?

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One of my favorite parts of CityCamp NC is where we as organizers hand things off to attendees to create the agenda. No trust falls, I promise. On the afternoon of Friday, September 29, CityCampers attend the unconference portion of the event. For those of you new to this format, let’s explore this a bit (below). For those CityCamp NC veterans, we ask that you share some of you unconference session ideas on this GitHub issue: Pitch your CityCamp NC issue here and we’ll list it on our schedule as a proposed unconference session.

On Friday, September 29, after the Smart Cities Panel, keynote presentation, and other featured talks, we’ll have our unconference pitches. This means that anyone attending CityCamp NC can fill out a pitch form and will get up to 60-seconds to pitch a session topic. These topics could range from timely discussions on local/state government, something you’re passionate about, forming an open data competition team, or one of our three NC Open Pass challenges.

We typically get somewhere between 20-30 pitches on a variety of topics. For example, see our attendee created agenda from last year. You can see it included topics such as open 511, carpool vote, sustainable tech, GitHub 101, open data 101, and many others. We’ll have room for 16-20 sessions. But in order for that to happen, we need you to attend and share your thoughts on topics that can help advance and improve our respective communities.

So now that you’ve got the skinny, if you submit a proposal, we’ll list it on our schedule as a proposed unconference session. You must be present and pitch to be considered. We can’t wait to see you’re ideas!

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